Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good News!

We have gotten some GREAT news in the last couple of weeks, and we wanted to share it here, especially since it relates to Team G Shock in one way or another!

As most of you know, Nate has been having back issues for a long time now (over 2 years!), and he's just been fighting through it to continue living life and running races. Well, in April, he finally got surgery to hopefully correct the issue, and we have kept our fingers and toes crossed since then that it would work. Well, after 8 long weeks of taking it very easy, and following doctors orders, he started to feel relief. And last week, at a follow-up appointment with his surgeon, he got the ALL CLEAR! :) That means he can run, workout, and live life pain-free (finally!). He went for a run the very next morning, and has been on a few since then. We're excited that he's feeling good, and that he can get back on his feet!

On the same day, my Dad got news that he was also, ALL CLEAR! No evidence of disease, and his doctor said to keep doing whatever it is that he is doing, because everything looks great! We are overjoyed to know that the treatment is still working, even years after he finished.

Team G Shock is back up and running, and we couldn't be happier! Keep an eye out for a race announcement soon, and for updates on the race that Drew ran over Father's Day!

A shot of Nate, me & Dad from our very first race! We're back!

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