Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marmet 5k Fun Run Walk

Over Father's Day weekend, my brother Drew put on his Team G Shock shirt and ran the Marmet 5k Fun Run Walk in WV! He is gearing up for the Firecracker 5k with Dad over the 4th of July, so a practice run was in order! 

Since we've been out of commission for a little while, we really appreciated him taking one for Team G Shock to get out there! And because I knew about it ahead of time, I made sure he got some pictures!

Here are his results:

Drew Ross - 35:29

And of course, some photos!

Before the race with his favorite gal (and mine too!)

Ready to run!


With Debbie (his mom-in-law) after the race!

So proud of Drew for helping out Team G Shock, and as always, if you are able to donate to the cause, we appreciate it! We're on our way to $10,000, but need your help to get there! GOOOOO G SHOCK!

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