Monday, January 19, 2015

Event #48 - Breathe Deep Stache & Lash 5k

Another long overdue post, but the holidays flew by and here we are more than halfway through January, and I’ve still got 2 races to post about from NOVEMBER. Whoops! In fairness, we have had some distractions in the last few months, which have taken our minds elsewhere. It has also slowed me way down, which is why there have been fewer races. But all that to say, Nate & I are over the moon to say that we will be welcoming Baby Towne this coming June, and we can’t wait! J So for the next few updates, you will see that I participated, but by walking, and now you will know why!

The first race we are overdue for an update on, was The Breathe Deep Stache & Lash 5k that we ran as part of Team MLG with our friends Ryan & Becky Gardenhire. Hard to believe we have run almost 50 races! 

It was a nice day at the race, and Team MLG was well represented! Lucky for me, since I was walking, there were a number of other people walking (babies and dogs included!), so I had plenty of company. And Nate not only ran by himself (not that I can keep up with him much anymore), but he set ANOTHER PR! The race was at our favorite course, Shelby Park, and we generally have good runs there, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise, but he just keeps knocking down his PR time, which is fun to watch!

Here are the official results:
Nate Towne – 10th place – 24:54
Sara Towne – Walked 

And since I was walking, we got a lot of photos during the race to share...


Some support for Ryan & Team MLG along the way!

Nate in action!

More support for Team MLG & Ryan's Mama!

After with the PR star! 
And rockin' our Team MLG shirts!

Nate was pretty pleased with his PR.

Another long overdue update is coming soon, so don’t go too far! 

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