Thursday, January 22, 2015

Event #49 - Virginia Run Turkey Trot

For our 49th race, we made our way to Virginia for Thanskgiving, and ran the Virginia Run Turkey Trot with my family for the third time. It has become somewhat of a tradition for the Ross family, and this year was no exception! This year, my sister-in-law Jenny walked with me, while the guys all ran the race. The walk took a different course through the woods, so that was a nice relaxing walk for the two of us. It was a pretty cold day, so I would have almost rather have been running just to stay warm!

Nate, Dad, Geoff & Drew all ran, and did really well! The race was crowded as always (almost 3,000 people participated!), but they made their way through, and we were able to see a couple of them finish up after our walk.

Here are the official results:

Nate Towne – 476th place – 25:55
Joe Ross – 1,047th place – 29:45
Geoff Ross – 1,715th place – 33:56
Drew Ross – 2,232nd place – 40:00
Sara Towne – Walked
Jenny Parsons – Walked

And as usual, a few pictures from the day...

The runners before - Nate, Geoff, Drew & Dad

The walkers before - it was cold! Me & Jenny

Me & Nate before!

We had our own course for the walk!

The runners after! Nate, Geoff, Dad & Drew

The walkers after - still cold!

We had a great rest of the holiday at home with my family, and even got to bring Shelby with us, which is always fun. Since then we’ve been enjoying some time at home, and trying to stay warm through this frigid winter! 

More updates and races to come soon...

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