Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3rd Annual Fox Trot for Parkinson's Research 5k Run

I know we have been pretty radio silent here on Team G Shock. As I mentioned in one of the last posts, Nate and I have been busy preparing for Baby Towne’s arrival (just a few weeks away now!!), so our running time has been minimal. And by minimal I mean non-existent. I have been sidelined for obvious reasons, and since our next race will be race #50, we wanted to wait until we could both run it together! Hard to believe this little idea that started with 10 races is almost to 50! Whew. Who would have guessed that two people who weren’t runners (and their very supportive family and friends) could have knocked out so many races?? We’re excited to get it up and going once baby boy gets here!

In the meantime, our family has kept up the running, which is great! Back in March, my brother Drew and our niece Lily ran a race in WV and we couldn’t miss posting about it. We love when people get out there in their Team G Shock shirts, and were even more excited that it was Lily’s very first race! She’s been a cheerleader for Team G Shock many times, so it is so fun that she finally got out there herself!

The race supported the Michael J. Fox foundation and Parkinson’s research in WV. It was held in downtown Charleston, and was followed up a Green Chili competition – yum!! Drew & Lily ran with some coworkers of Drew’s as part of the team “Capitol Domeheads” – they work together at the capitol building in Charleston!

Here are the official results:
106th place – Drew Ross – 45:02
107th place – Lily Ross – 45:02

And luckily, Drew’s Mom-in-Law Debbie was able to get some photos (thanks Debbie!!). 

Debbie, Lily, Jenny (and Baby Elayna!)

Lily, Drew, Jenny (and Baby Elayna!) before

Jenny (and Baby Elayna), Drew, and Lily after

 The Capitol Domeheads (source)

We are sorry for the lack of posts & activity, but we will be back! Some friends of mine are already looking at some longer races to run in the future, which I will need some time to prep for, but its fun to think about again! In the meantime, we'll be waiting on Baby Boy to make his arrival! 

Baby Boy's first baseball game with the Nashville Sounds!

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