Thursday, May 28, 2015

Justin's Beach House 5k Run

This past Memorial Day weekend, my parents were up at the beach, and my Dad took the opportunity to run another 5k for Team G Shock! This was the first time he had run this race, but Justin's Beach House is pretty well known in the Bethany Beach community, so he was glad he was able to join in! The house is set up to allow families of cancer patients to enjoy some much needed relaxation time, free of the stresses of treatment. To learn more about Justin's story, read the background they've included on the website here or check out their Facebook page.

Mom & Dad had been up at the beach for a day or so already, and had some friends coming in later that morning, but took off for the race bright & early. The race was held in downtown Bethany, and ended on the boardwalk. It sounds like there were almost 1,000 runners, which in the small town of Bethany, is pretty impressive! Dad had a GREAT race, and luckily Mom was around to catch a few photos and cheer him on!

Here are the official results:

404th place - Joe Ross - 31:43

And here are the photos that Mom took (and look at that background - heaven!):



And here is a photo I found on the event facebook page...the Finish Line!

Photo by: Rita Dvoynikova

We're glad Dad and others can keep Team G Shock going until we can get back out there! Looking forward to running a race WITH him hopefully soon!

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