Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Next Race!

With the Warrior Dash looming this Fall, we figured it was about time to sign up for another race! In about 4 weeks we will run the Memorial Day Dash for the second time. We ran this race last year, and it went pretty well. We've started to add in some running to our training, in addition to the work we do at Crossfit CFT, so we can't wait to see what this race brings!

This race will be our 24th race, which is CRAZY! We originally set out to run 10 races, but that seemed too easy and we wanted to raise more money for the Prostate Cancer Association, so we upped it to 20 races. We've obviously surpassed that at this point, but we're not done with Team G Shock yet! We plan on continuing to run races, and maybe mix it up with a few other things here and there. So please keep coming back for more information and let us know if you want to help us find a cure for prostate cancer.

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