Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Race!

We have another race on the books that I wanted to let you all know about! As usual, we will be headed up to Bethany Beach for some quality time with the Ross family around the 4th of July. Instead of doing one of the Dewey Beach races we've done over the last couple of years (which have been super fun), we're going back to an oldie but a goodie. We're going to run the Firecracker 5k, which for some of you original Team G Shock friends might sound familiar because it was our FIRST RACE EVER. We're excited to give this one a go again, and to have Dad (and maybe some other family - hint, hint) run with us.

We've been traveling a ton lately, but are finally in town for a while and looking forward to our upcoming races! We've got Nate's parents in town this weekend and then our racing season will officially begin with the Girls on The Run 5k on May 5th. Keep an eye on the calendar we've added on the right side (over there ----->) to see what events we have coming up!

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