Friday, April 6, 2012

We're baaaaack (again)!

It has been FAR too long between posts - and for that I apologize to our readers (Hi Mom!). We have been busy traveling which has made the first few months of 2012 fly by. So far its been NYC, California (for Nate), Florida, Tunica, Las Vegas, and New Orleans (for me). Whew. Lots of fun has been had, but we are TIRED and ready to spend some much needed time at home with our Nashville friends.

In between all of that, we've been continuing to work out at Crossfit CFT, which has been lots of fun. We've been working hard and getting stronger, which will hopefully show in our running! And speaking of running....we've got some races on the books finally! We're excited to get back into the running season, and run our 30th race (and then more after that). Our first race will be the Girls On The Run 5k at Shelby Park (our favorite course, and the namesake for our puppy). We were supposed to run this race back in 2010, but Mother Nature had other ideas, so we're excited to give it a go this year! A few weeks after that we will run the Memorial Day Dash for the 3rd time. We love this race, and are looking forward to doing it again!

We're working on a few other races for the Summer, and will let you know once we have those planned! In the meantime, we hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend with family & friends, and hopefully some sunshine!

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  1. Glad you're back in Nashville for a while, friend!! We missed you!!!