Friday, June 28, 2013

Sand, surf & races!

We are headed to spend some much needed vacation time with my family, and will of course sneak in a race while we are there. We're always excited to have family and friends join us for races, and this will be no exception! On Sunday we will run the Bethany Beach Firecracker 5k for the third time. This race has always been special to us, since it was our very first race, so we're excited to give it another go.

In other news...last week, I had a sad morning when my blue prostate cancer bracelet broke. I have worn that bracelet every day since we started Team G Shock. It was bound to happen sometime, but I wasn't expecting it. I posted a picture of it online, and within hours, I had an email from my contact at the Prostate Cancer Foundation, to verify my address. Two days later, we got 2 huge bags of wristbands in the mail! Customer Service at its best! Thanks PCF for the support!

Sad time...4 years of runs and life were just too much.

Thanks PCF & Athletes for a Cure!

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