Thursday, April 15, 2010

Races on the Horizon!

Although the excitement of getting engaged has taken up a lot of our time and thoughts, we are still working to reach our goals for Team G Shock. With the weather getting warmer, more and more races are popping up and we've started to try to plan out our race calendar for the upcoming Spring & Summer seasons.

So far we've only signed up for one, but we're excited to get back to it and see how much we can improve. Team G Shock's next race (#13, can you believe it?!) will be the Girls On The Run 5k. The race will be run in Shelby Bottoms park where we've run two other races so that will be nice. And the money goes to help Girls On The Run, which is a great organization that helps young girls lead healthy and happy lives.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll be signing up for a few other races, so keep an eye out for that! And as always...GOOOOO G SHOCK!

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