Friday, July 17, 2009

The Good Kind...

...of cancer. Wait what? On more than one occasion during this experience, when people find out that my dad has prostate cancer their response is "Oh, thats a good cancer to get." I totally understand that people don't know what to say, because we've all been there. But good cancer?! Isn't that an oxymoron? If you look up the definition of cancer (I did should try!), none of the given definitions are things that I would put under the "good" category. 

Obviously, there are different kinds of each cancer, and every single patient with cancer has a different case. BUT...and this is just my opinion (but since its my blog, thats what I get to put here), none of those cases are good. Its still cancer. And you still have to wrap your mind around that while the doctor uses words that you've never heard of. And you still have to tell your family and friends. And then your family and friends have to try and wrap their minds around it. 

We have all been very lucky to be surrounded by such good family and friends during this process. And we decided very early on that we were going to "buck up" and face this head on. No negativity...just doing what we need to do to beat this thing. I hope and pray everyday (and believe in my heart) that my Dad will beat this, and that it will just be a stepping stone to something else in his life.

So just do me a favor, and take a minute to think before you say something like "good cancer." Take the time to think about the people that haven't been so lucky and that have lost their fight with cancer. And the families of those people. Because I bet that they think that cancer, no matter what kind, is anything but good. 


  1. i'm glad you finally posted this.

  2. I think that is a fantastic post. And I have to admit, there have been people that I've heard of getting certain types of cancer, and even I myself have said "oh, I hear that that's a good type of cancer to get" because I've heard things about certain types having a much higher survival rate, or a higher remission rate, etc. But reading your words, I suddenly realize just how right that is -- there is NO GOOD CANCER. Period. And I will think twice before I ever repeat that phrase again. That being said, I do whole heartedly believe that there are now good treatments out there. Good medicine. Good science. Good doctors. And of course nothing can beat the good strength your dad has. He will beat this. You all will beat this - together.

    I love you, Ross family!

  3. Sara Beth, you know I had to comment on this post. The only thing that could possibly be considered "good" about a cancer diagnosis is an early one. Melissa is 100% correct, cancer treatment has improved tenfold even in just the last few years alone. And with science, faith, and your family behind you, the success rate is 100%. :)
    I heart you Ross'!!