Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Next Event

The time has come for us to pick our next event. Nate & I will actually be out of town every weekend in July. Although we're excited for all of the fun events we have planned (weddings, seeing the Mets in Atlanta, Grandma Pearl's 85th bday), that doesn't leave much time for races. So our next official Team G SHOCK event will be the City of La Vergne's Howl At The Moon 5k. It's a night race (fun!) in a town just outside of Nashville. And it will take place on Friday, August 14th at 8:00pm. If any of our local friends feel like joining us, let me know and I'll get you all of the info! Also, we have a few more races that we are sifting through at this point and I will post those details as soon as we decide which ones we will be doing!

In other news, I called my parents last weekend while they were still at the beach, and my Dad surprised me with the news that he had run ANOTHER 5k! All on his own he got up early, went down to Rehobeth Beach, and ran the Beach Paper 5k. After a bit of internet searching, I found the official results. I think it's pretty clear that we (ok, mainly me) were definitely slowing him down in our first event!

234th place - Joe Ross - 29:55

Just in case you were doubting my claims...I think you can see for yourself that he is pretty amazing! Way to go, Dad!

see..he was there!


  1. I want to run one of these...but Aug 14 is my bday weekend so....

  2. lucky for you..there will be plenty more! :)