Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Dad...The Machine!

In case you missed it, my dad's a rockstar. No seriously. Him & my mom were up at the beach house again this past weekend, and he ran ANOTHER 5k. The man is a machine! He made his way down to Dewey Beach (about 15 min away from the beach house) on Sunday morning for the 3rd Dewey Beach Liquors 5k. And once again, through a little bit of internet stalking, I was able to find his official results. So here they are:

299th place - Joe Ross - 30:20

Also, let me note that he came in 14th in his division! Not bad for a man who just celebrated his 61st bday one week earlier!

As far as Nate's & my training goes, we hit a little bump in the road last week. We've been so busy (no excuse) that we hadn't run in over a week - ahhh! But, this morning we finally got out to run again - it felt GREAT to get back out there. We let life get in the way a bit, but we're back on track and right where we left off. We're really looking forward to our first race in town (AUG 14th - mark your calendars!), and picking some more races to add to our schedule!

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