Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Yesterday, July 12th, was my dad's 61st birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there to celebrate with him, but I know he had a great time! Among other things, I have found it pretty amazing how something like cancer can make your thoughts on birthdays completely change. 

A lot of people (once they get past the age of "yay I can vote" or "yay I can rent a car") think of birthdays as bad things. You're getting older, its all downhill from here, etc. And not that I'm old, but I've been known to think some of those things from time to time. I am pretty positive that I never will again. How lucky are we to have one more year on this earth to be with our families and our friends and to do the things that we love? I am so glad that I have been given the chance to spend yet another great year with my wonderful father making memories that I will cherish forever. And I can't wait for the countless years to come to do the same! 

That's why we're doing this, and why we've started this make sure that my dad, and that other dads and brothers and grandpas and uncles and friends are here for many more birthdays to come. No cancer, especially not this one, will take that away from us! 


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  1. Happy Birthday Sara's Dad! Here's to many more!